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Wheelchair Accessibility Service

Northwood Car Service has some of the cabs with wheelchair accessibility for wheelchair disable. Our cabs are cleaned, well maintained and daily checked. Our drivers are well trained for assistance of travelers. Always our professionals and minicabs are ready for take-off. Moor Park Car’s drivers are professionals who have passed MiDAS/PAT trainings. Northwood Car Service has drivers who are expert with First Aid administration in order to ensure prosperity and wellbeing of wheelchair disable customer. Northwood Car Service equips our cab with the advance technology of GPS Gadget. Our drivers can pick up you with ease and comfort from anywhere throughout moor park area. Our well-trained driver will help you to sit inside with comfort. Our driver will then take you and will set for journey and will go to your last destination. Our driver will escort you to your desire home or hotel or shopping mall and etc. Before you book with us let us know about the disable passenger in detail so our office can organize the appropriate wheelchair’s vehicle well in time. Northwood Car Service has best service for safety and comfort for wheelchair disable. Ramps are also available when needed for easy and comfort exit of disable. Northwood Car Service prioritizes your safe ride indeed.

Sophie Jenson

Northwood Car Service

It was a good experience while riding with Northwood Car Service! Thanks for the service.

Nathan John

Northwood Car Service

I found the best airport transfers in Colindale and that is Northwood Car Service! Highly Recommended!

Daniel Luther

Northwood Car Service

Remarkable Taxis Service, though the flight was late but they waited for me nearly one hour.

Clara David

Northwood Car Service

I have used Airport Transfer service of Northwood Car Service and it is very helpful. I will recommend it to my friends.